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A. Christopher Dymond

A. Christopher Dymond

After more than three decades in a law office, at this stage of my career, I’m extremely proud of having my name associated with a firm of talented lawyers committed to working diligently on every matter we take on, bringing sound counsel with common-sense advice in helping clients find the optimal solution to their legal challenges.      

Legal problems are more complicated than ever before.  Often they become urgent suddenly. At times like that, when truly difficult decisions need to be made, clients want to be guided by experienced, expert advice.  Allaying concerns and helping people cope with their most pressing worries can be immensely satisfying and gives meaning to every day at the office.

Any day in the office can involve dealing with entrepreneurs, owner-managers, landlords, tenants, business people, non-residents, executors and trustees, or other professionals.  They also frequently turn to me for advice on their business succession and estate planning. Aging population demographics, longer life expectancies, split-families, consolidated families, and increased wealth make this area more important than ever.  Ideal results don’t happen by accident.

Thompson Dymond
is now


While we have changed our name, our core values, quality of work, and work ethic remain the same!